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0. Context to context

Throughout last year, I worked with the National Technical Institute for the Deaf on a new metric, ACE2, that evaluates the efficacy of automatic speech recognition software. Speech recognition products have traditionally been evaluated using a metric self-explanatorily called the word-error rate (WER), but it has…

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13th century Persian poet and Sufi mystic Rumi, ​by​ virtue of ​his​ literary and scholarly work, has pervaded the cultural mainstream ​in the ​United ​States ​to ​become ​the ​best-selling ​poet ​in​ the ​country. ​But ​has ​it ​all occurred ​​at ​the expense ​of his​ cultural ​​substance?

On​ ​13th​ ​October,​ ​2017,​ ​in​…

Prionti Nasir

overthrow systems overflow stacks

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